A deed dated May 5, 1875, states that the property was sold for: one buggy and harness,
one pair of mules, one gold watch
and two promissory notes of $125.00 each.

It was the first home for the Burton Farmer's Cooperative, featuring produce
and homemade goods, with livestock and poultry confined to the back of
the building . . .  there is even rumor of a stray bullet still lodged in a back wall!
Recorded details mention young children receiving immunization shots
in a high chair located in what is now the restaurant bar area.

The first Burton Post Office was housed here for a time.

German immigrants, William Dallmeyer and Joe Steiner began operation
of a general store in the building in 1903.  The store had the first telephone
in town and served as the local cotton marketing center.  
The business prospered, expanded and continued
in operation for over fifty years.

The building remained unused and virtually abandoned until early 1970.  
In fact, actual demolition of the north wall had begun when, instead,
Belle was rescued and an ambitious restoration project undertaken.  
The Brazos Belle Inn was the end result.
It has, since then, served as this rather unique restaurant setting.

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